From the Eye of the Storm

by Into The Sea

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released October 21, 2011

Ben Kingsley - Vocals/Guitar
Leon Butcher - Guitar
Jaya Jeffrey - Lead Guitar
Matt Thomas - Bass
Olie Rundin - Drums
Recorded by James Croy @ Reel2real & Underground Studios
Mastered by Alan Douches @ West Westside Music
Artwork By Ross Lambrou



all rights reserved


Into The Sea Perth, Australia

Making heavy metallic hardcore music since 2007 from Perth, Australia.

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Track Name: Looking Out, Looking In(The Cage)
looking out, looking in
looking back to where it all began
where'd I make the first mistake
where in hell did I lose my head
If only I could find a key
somebody to set me free
every single fucking breath
turning life into death

crushed under the weight of defeat
trapped by my own deceipt
condemned by my own decisions
and it's killing me

looking out, looking in
oh lord where have you been
sinking deeper into myself
where the inner demons dwell
they desecrate my soul
will anything again will make me whole?
the serpents whisper in my ear
you'll never make it out of here

crushed under the weight of defeat
trapped by my own deceipt
condemned by my own decisions

all my dreams are dead
replaced with regret

lose your dreams
lose your mind
relive and regret

this cage i've built
seals my fate

so fucking tortured
tormented by my own thoughts
no one to blame but myself

this is a world of pain
this is hell
Track Name: The Leech
pushing up on my skin
trying to find a way in
i know exactly what you are
and i know where you've been

fuck your kind

spreading like a disease
always taking, giving nothing back
brainwash everyone that you meet
bring them to their knees
so focused on your own agenda
you have no shame
and can't hide the fact
you're a repeat offender

latch on, suck em dry
move onto the next
latch on, suck em dry
who will provide?

through your fake smile
i see those fucking teeth
bloodstained with deceipt
your true colours come shining through
never had the spine to face the truth
cosmetics won't cover your
self preserving parasitic nature
what the fuck do you take me for, easy prey?
you've totally underestimated me

I refuse to play another victim
in your vampire story
you'll never get under my skin
never drain the life out of me
never drain the love out of me

your life's consumed with a love for ones self
there's no room for anyone else
a narcissistic, self inflicted loneliness
no one helps you because you can't help yourself

you're just another leech
get off my fucking back
if there's only one person you'll ever love
go fuck yourself to death
Track Name: The Public Eye
this is an eye
that never sleeps
this is an eye
that never weeps
all seeing
all knowing
this is an eye
that never sleeps
this is an eye
that never weeps
as it feeds darkness
to our minds

served up a plate of shit
without question
we devour it
lies, insecurity, fear
we swallow
pain, anger, dispair
a downward spiral
this poison's taken hold
we've become our own
worst enemies

for too long
we've felt this grip
around our throats
holding us down
choking us out

collusion and subversion
propaghanda is the weapon
to enslave by perception
an imposed value system

change your perspective
dispell these illusions

never be afraid
raise the questions
expose the lies
the truth speaks for itself

no more, no more
it's time to take a stand
no more, no more
it's time to settle the score
Track Name: Out of the Comfort Zone
It's the same old story
it's the same old day
so fucking predictable
in every single way

felt it before
so feel it again
an overdose of fear
crash and burn

daily routine is an obsession
adorning this mask of supression
a straight forward narrow view
everyday is the same
apathy is becoming my affliction
addiction, frustration
anxiety, depression
when I don't learn
my life lessons

dragging myself down
into the ground
to an early grave
get up, get outta this hole
and face this world

what does it take to break the cycle
right here right now

stepping outside myself
past the line I've drawn in my mind
I can see the light
of a world I've never known

all fears aside
i can see the light

keep my inner child alive
bright eyes
open heart
curious mind
Track Name: iHuman
i am human
here i stand
i think there for i am
i want, i need
i watch this world
wilt and decay
consumed by greed

i am a product
another comodity
the latest trend
buy sell exploit trade

i think different
i think the same
i love, i hate
i am the king
i deserve everything
i laugh, i cry
i live, i die
i feel what i must inside

i am in denial of my own existance
i am the fool
i've taken for granted
i've lost my better half
destroy, erase, disconnect

the only ugliness i've ever seen
comes from within the mind of a human being

i sit and i wait for the day
i can comprehend every living thing
symbiotic relationship
the role i must play

i hold this world within my hands

for you my heart exists
for you my heart it beats
for you my heart it bleeds
without you there is no life to live
Track Name: The Master Race
can you feel the sting of desperation
never having enough
do you bare a burnt black shell of a heart
chasing the dreams of a ruthless nation

money is just a tool for exchange
compared to the value of life
an arbitrary number
trapped in this system of debt
we are slaves to a pyramid scheme
a game of snakes and ladders

do you hold an elitist view?
what's your self worth? what's your value?
drawn like moths to the fucking flame
consumed by the thought of ultimate power
consumed by the flames of your own fire

sit behind your locked doors
planning your hidden agendas
exploit the world
gathering the wealth and resources
leaving the rest to starve

get on your high horses
march the seperatist armies off to war

fight to the top
crush kill rape deceive
reap the profits of war
so arrogant, so full of greed
so corrupt, so alone
is this what it means to succeed?

we'll no longer bleed our selves dry
we're not breaking our backs anymore
working our fingers to the bone
so you can live in luxury on your thrones

history has shown
all empires will fall in the end
watch as the american dream
becomes another dead fucking scene

we will think outside the box
we will pick through the locks
we're taking this world back
we understand what it means to be free
Track Name: Let It Rain, Let It Pour
dark clouds are rolling in

it weighs me down like a crown of thorns
fills my mind, my every thought
the bitterness, resentment I feel
life's never tasted so cruel
why so malice? why so cold?
why grow up to be a jaded fool
a closed off heart, that just hates
fucking hates this world

let it rain, let it pour
wash me down, cleanse my soul
let it rain, let it pour
let it be, set me free

empty me out into the night
cure this infection that starves my life
demonic possesion taken my mind
reflection in the mirror, don't seem to recognise
all these feelings i can't ignore
end this misery, let it go

there's no benefit bearing this cross
when i know it only inflicts pain

stop holding on
let it go
move on
stop holding on
just let it go

for all those that mean the most
restores faith in myself
for every smile and every word
that says i care, i want you to know
for every smile and every word
that says i care, lights the way
for all those that mean the most
with angelic light guide me home

let it be, let love in
radiate and shine on
Track Name: Handcrafting Heaven
open eyes
to manufactured hell
everybody's checking out
everybody's ringing the bell
given up responsibility
paralyzed by mental disease
life spent too long
too long on our knees

there is no god
in this world
just the conciousness
in our heads

you want something
to bow down to?
to respect?
just look around
life and death

praying, wishing, begging
please please please

stop wasting away this gift
get the fuck up off your knees

find the key to your heart
unlock love passion
to create, to inspire
another piece of art
on this canvas of time

there's no greater form
of liberation
than self expression
embrace your dreams

take your hand
free your mind
day by day
carve it out
take your hand
free your mind
day by day
wittle away

handcrafting heaven

on your death bed
as you meet your end
through the memories
truely comprehend

the love you gave
this life we share

with this blinding light
return to the earth
Track Name: Into The Wild
attack viciously
snarl, bare your goddamn teeth
act like rabid animals
clinging to false beliefs

a mind built upon
tradition, expectation
can it be truely free?

let yourself go
lets lose control

evolve your mind
swallow your pride
redefine yourself
disown false beliefs
forget what we think we know

do we really need a revolution?
let's take the next step in our evolution

this heart's beating out of my chest
brain set to overload
finding the questions i seek
we can't control love
we can't contain death
within these confines we all exist
plant the seed
watch it grow
one day to bloom
every rose has its thorn
true beauty stems from imperfection

into the wild we go

whenever the uncertainty, insanity
of this world creeps in
I tell myself that
love it's a crazy thing